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Thread: ammo shortages.

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    ammo shortages.

    i know this a site for open carry. but what good is a firearm with no ammo. i would just like to know if there is any kind of restriction on the sale of ammo if stores like wal mart can only have so much at one time or whats going on.

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    the manager dude of sporting goods at the Mt. Sterling walmart pretty told me its walmart policy to only sell shotgun ammo... Thats after I inquired why they was only selling shotgun ammo.

    Local gunshops have hiked up the price of ammo though, so welcome to post-new haven massacre America. Although if you happen to have some .40SW I'll trade you some sex toys, or gasoline for a few boxes, xD
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    It is just because of the increase in demand. People are buying ammo like it is going out of style. It is a self fulfilling prophecy. They think you cannot get ammo, so they buy all they can to store it. Now you cannot get ammo.

    I was told that every round of ammunition made for the next 18 months is already bought and paid for. Most major manufacturer has stopped taking orders until they fill the ones already made.

    Walmart would sale anything they can get. The problem with walmart is though that they have to share the ammo with every other walmart that uses the same distribution center. So they may get a case of ammo divided by 20 stores. It doesn't go very far like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt w View Post
    i know this a site for open carry. but what good is a firearm with no ammo. i would just like to know if there is any kind of restriction on the sale of ammo if stores like wal mart can only have so much at one time or whats going on.
    No restrictions, just high demand. My local Walmart still has a little handgun ammunition left, but not anything worth having.

    It was about a year ago that I suggested to everyone that they should start buying a little ammo everytime they got paid... now if only everyone would have listened! HAHA. This is what I did for several years, and now I have thousands of rounds just setting in the safes. Whenever prices go back down and ammunition is available everyone would be wise to do this. If you can find ammo somewhere now then buy it if you're able. These shortages suck, and I would bet the Federal Government will do everything they can to infringe on our ability to purchase ammo in the future, especially as long as Obummer is in office.
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    My local WalMart has a pretty good stock of rifle and shotgun ammo.

    As said, handgun ammo is hit or miss but IS out there. I've noticed that Wal-Mart seems to be able to keep a reasonable handle on 380 auto and 44 magnum. I also see 45 ACP and 45 Colt from time to time. I've been able to buy several boxes of 38 special and .357 magnum at Wal-Mart in the past couple of months, but probably only find it on one out of every ten trips or so(and usually then only when it has just been put out). .357 sig turns up every once in a while, and seems to stick around for a little while when it does. I haven't seen any 9mm in Wal-Mart since the week before the Newtown shooting.

    The local gun shops around here seem to have a more reliable stock than Wal-Mart, and almost have 38 special and 357 Magnum when I go in. They may not have the brands or bullet weights I necessarily prefer, but do at least have something. I don't always ask about 9mm(I don't own one, but have several regular shooting partners who do) and they have it about half the time.

    .22LR and .223 Remington/5.56 NATO are non-existent around here. Even .22 shorts, .22 longs, and .22 magnums are thin, but can usually be found with looking.

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    There is a place here in Owingsville that has several boxes of .223 if anyone needs any.
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