ArmaLite made a video which was supervised by Boone County, Ind. Sheriff Ken Campbell in an attempt to disprove the myth that less magazine capacity would make a difference in multiple victims attacks.

Take time to view this video but before doing so, keep in mind their rate of fire.

Clearly this video is a prime example what we pro gun people criticize the anti gun group of misleading and misinformation.

The rate of fire for (1:42) 2 each 15 rd mags, was slowed and paced, the second rate of fire with 3 each 10 rd mags was increased and the third of 5 each 6 rd mags where averaged but still an increased rate of fire.
Now skip to (12:12) when the same man uses a model 1911 and shoots 21 rds in 9.78 seconds, really!

There is another questionable issue, is during this demonstration they are counting rounds to reduce having to replace the magazine and load a round in the chamber, not really an true representation of an actual shooting.

I would have expected and do expect the pro gun to be above board and this video clearly has a deliberate outcome intended.
I guess even more surprising Dave Workman and Alan Gottlieb of SAF/CCRKBA appear to be endorsing this ill conceived video.
There is no doubt that smaller magazine capacity would not have changed anything in these heinous shooting and correct me if I am wrong, all the shootings are done and over with well before law enforcement arrive on scene, the few seconds it would slow someone from changing out magazines would not have altered the outcome.

Very disappointing.