Howdy Folks!
In the most compelling hour of radio I've heard in many years, Michael Brown called upon all who cherish the 2nd Amendment to rally at the state capitol and express our outrage at legislation before them intended to strip us of our rights.

Take the day off, call in sick, take a stand, fight back!
Every Coloradoan should come and flood the building with so many people that it clogs all the hallways. There need to be so many cars flooding the streets that it brings traffic to a screeching halt. Cover the grounds with thousands upon thousands of citizens making so much noise they won't be able to hear one another while trying to usurp our rights.

Listen to the podcast, pass it along to others, join the fight, encourage others, and take a stand.
It is likely to be our last chance to keep our rights in Colorado, and if you value them, be there!