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Thread: Any body intrested in a OC meet NEAR WISE COUNTY VA?

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    Any body intrested in a OC meet NEAR WISE COUNTY VA?

    I am wanting to find/help setup a OC meet,dinner,breakfast near wise county va..... I dont know of any being held here in wise county lately so i would like to get one together if you will reply and let me know you are interested i will set up a meet or somthing. i OC in wise county and surronding countys all the time i know theres others out there i have seen a few others OC but never thought of seting up some kind of meeting or breakfast until my buddys asked me about it, so here we go

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    Just set something up and post it. People tend to show when you invite them via the forum. Good luck!

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    I was just thinking "Maybe this is do-able", but then I mapped it. Yikes. Good luck spaz! I think we have a few folks down that way, but I don't know how often they're on.

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    Maybe there are more OCers out that way than we suspect.

    Wise County advertises Welcome to Wise County, Virginia! "The Safest Place On Earth"
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    I'd like to, I've got some business to take care of in Dickenson Co.; but it's ten hours away from where I am. You might want to invite OC'ers from KY to show up. There's no such thing as "non resident" status for OC.
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