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Thread: IGOLD Tomorrow.

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    IGOLD Tomorrow.

    Not that Mayor Rahm or Speaker Madigan care if 10,000 people take the day to march in Springfield. Prolly won't even make the Chicago news. However, the wavering suburban reps and senators may notice.
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    This year seemed to be more "reserved" than last year.

    Last year, people lined the railings on 3 of 4 levels of the rotunda and chanted "Concealed Carry NOW!" for 1 minute before going off to lobby the legislators. You could frequently hear more chants as different groups bumped into each other, esp. in the underground tunnel.

    No chants this year, except on the march to the State House.

    This years crowd appeared to be about the same size as last years, despite several buses not getting there due to weather problems. The people might haved more reserved this year as the State is "under the gun" because of the Court's injunction.
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