They cannot even format the freaking doc so that a header is just hanging at the bottom of the page...

And their proposals? Some of them are clearly unconstitutional and have been ruled as such & others are just the thoughts of fascists. Lets look..

1st) safety course required ... Heller II knocked this requirement out to own a gun (while a lower court, its sound reasoning)

2nd) Age to 21 for long gun .... fascists

3rd) Ammo/mags now need permit .... more fascists (plus the permit is for handguns right? now they want to apply it to long guns)

4th) Internet sales ... fascist crap & shows a complete lack of understanding of internet gun sales -- GOP are idiots

5th) BFPE ... want a quack on board ... wholly crap! GOP are being total a**holes here .. like a BFPE hearing is a proper venue for such evals

6th) Mental health to include voluntary treatment --- fascist crap ... wait till you see what's next ..

7th) Have a mentally disabled child? Forget your 2nd amendment rights to be able to protect him -- they are gone

8th) Application of pistol permit must be done from residence -- seems to acknowledge that the process is bogus -- its crap

9th) No early release for gun crimes --- I don't see the point of this -- its crap

10th) weapon offender registry ... what the purpose of this is I don't know -- any felon should be considered dangerous

11th) Permits for gun shows .... promoters to get a permit .. its BS

12th) Armor piercing rounds ... does the gov't have these? Yes. We should have them.

13th) Trafficking task force -- there's 1 MM down the drain

14th) Increase penalties for straw purchasing .. while straw purchasing is not right, I would say 50% of this is caused just by folks not knowing (father buying for son) -- its crap

With friends like these, we don't need enemies.