This is also posted in the Iowa section of the forum. I would just like as many people to weigh in as possible.

I am looking to get my permit to carry soon, and I had a specific question about the wording in Iowa Code 724.5. I already have my permit to acquire.
A person armed with a revolver, pistol, or pocket billy concealed
upon the person shall have in the person's immediate possession the
permit provided for in section 724.4, subsection 4, paragraph
"i", and shall produce the permit for inspection at the request
of a peace officer. Failure to so produce a permit is a simple...

The word I am most confused by is "concealed". Because of this wording and the fact that the code is all one sentence gives me the impression that if I "Open Carry" and I am approached ONLY for that reason and no suspicious behavior is observed or law violation is reasonably suspected that I do not have to give the permit or any identification. Is this correct? Please let me know at your convenience. If I'm reading this wrong, I'd like to find out before(if ever)I have an encounter.
Thank you,