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Thread: Need Help Please ... From Instructors or everyday concealed carry people...

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    I need help... I am planning to travel to New Mexico this weekend to visit family and grandkids... I am a concealed handgun instructor in Texas... I was wanting to know where I can't carry concealed.. or Open carry... I plan to open carry when I am there to exercise my Second Amendment right... mainly I just don't want to carry where I am not allowed too. I tried reading the regulations and laws But my gosh I have not found where it says you can't carry... I know federal building and schools that's pretty much routine everywhere... But What do I need to look for mainly .... as a warning??? Please Email me I am leaving early Saturday to head that way.. Thanks for your help in advance....
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    Go to for a good summary of any state's regulations and restrictions. Click on the state to bring up a pdf file with all you need to know.

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    Agreed. The guy that runs is extremely reliable and it is updated constantly.

    You should be giving it out as a resource for your students.

    I am currently in Texas, on my way to Florida. Thank you,!
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