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Thread: camping and hiking OC

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    camping and hiking OC

    Im fairly good on the OC laws but I do have a question. I'm not sure if I can carry while out on a camping trip in the mountains or something. I've heard of poeple taking their rifles with them for mountain hiking trips but can I OC a sidearm during trips like that incase of wildlife attacks. I don't own any rifles or shotguns. Would this be up to the park rangers or the police department or what?
    I go hiking a few times a year with some friends and some of them carry bells and noise makers to keep bears and other animals away but if that doesn't work then I would like to have something a little better than a whistle or a bell.

    Sorry if this was already covered before but I haven't been able to get any info on this subject.

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    as for NC, it is legal to carry in national parks, both OC and CC. you can carry in state parks but only CC, and you can not carry in places that hold state employees (stupid law). now as far as state forest that could be included for the state parks law. as for national forest and army corp of engineers property, i think is still a no . as far as private property, that is up to the owners, such as i don't think you can carry on grandfather mtn. but i have friends that are OK with it

    the worst thing they can do (except for where it is specified by law) is tell you to leave. one of the things you have to be aware of is wildlife laws, you could be considered hunting. even if you are not. most of the time a holstered sidearm would not be considered

    remember you can be arrested for anything at any time
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    National Park carry is no problem except in buildings. NC State Park carry requires CHP. Carry is allowed on MOST NC Gamelands. For gamelands and possibly some state parks/recreation areas (Jordan Lake for example), if owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers carry is not allowed. Also a few of the gamelands are on privately own land and at the owner's discretion handgun carry is not allowed. In other words do a little research before your hike to see if the areas you'll be hiking allow carry.


    State Parks,

    Guns and Fireworks

    Firearms and other weapons are prohibited except that those with a proper permit may possess a concealed handgun in permitted areas and under the requirements of North Carolina G.S. 14-415.11. All firearms and weapons are prohibited in state park visitor centers and park offices. (EXCEPTION: Federal law (36 C.F.R. � 327.13) prohibits loaded firearms or ammunition on those lands and waters at Falls Lake, Jordan Lake and Kerr Lake state recreation areas managed by the state parks system and owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.)

    Fireworks, cap pistols, air guns, bows and arrows, slingshots and lethal projectiles or missiles of any kind are prohibited on all properties managed by the N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation.
    National Parks,
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