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Thread: A Couple of Interesting Gun-Realted Videos... Both Worthwhile

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    A Couple of Interesting Gun-Realted Videos... Both Worthwhile

    I received an email this morning with a link, which I followed to YouTube, and on the right side was another selection. I watched the video that I was referred to, and found it too logical for our elected reps to understand:

    The second video is one with Sheriff David Clark of Milwaukee County, WI, who has been taken to task by the left for saying essentially, "We may not be able to get there in time, get a gun and get some training." This is not that interview (again), it is one I saw for the first time this morning ("Sheriff Warns of Second American Revolution over Gun Control"

    Personally, I think Clark and Arpaio should be cloned, and the clones then disseminated around the USA. "Clones, not Drones" would be the name of that program. Clark has also been the victim of that rude, overbearing Brit, Piers Morgan (who was tag-teaming against Clark with the idiotic Mayor of Milwaukee). They lost, but not for lack of over-talking Clark during his time to speak. Pax...
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    But....but....but.....that speech had real facts in it. You can't use REAL facts, you have to use made up ones.
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