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Thread: Student Suspended for Thinking of Gun (Satire)

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    Student Suspended for Thinking of Gun (Satire)

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    What happened to the good old days? Back in the early 60's, we had rifle teams for both the 22 cal and the M1 Garands. They were stored in the basement of the school with a small caliber rifle range down there. Yeah you had to belong to the ROTC or the CCC (California Cadet Corp) to use them but the members were taught to fieldstrip and clean them after firing them. The larger M1's were fired at MCRD rifle range. We were taught military discipline and protocol.
    There were no mass murderers. Non of the members shot up any schools. Most of us joined the military and served in Viet Nam. Some of us stayed for 20 years and thanks to uncle sam served in many foreign countries around the world.
    Those members that went to college continued thru the ROTC programs and became officers. Ahhh the good old days.

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