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Thread: Attn: NASCAR fans

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    Attn: NASCAR fans

    I thought I'd share with all what our idiot Jr. Senator Chris Murphy has done...................(please don't shoot the messenger)

    Maybe it's made the news out there, maybe not. I think he needs to receive some input on this.


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    Attn: NASCAR fans

    Why does the guberment feel like it needs to get in the middle of what a private company?😡 If you want to get really mad read what Jason Whitlock says about it😡!chTrO

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    Attn: NASCAR fans

    Well, the congressman is either illiterate or a liar. He says that 92% of Americans, 91% of gun owners, and 71% of NRA members want universal background checks. I'll not go into it further.

    The NRA doesn't speak for me, but for him to say "...NRA has taken an unprecedented extreme position in the debate over the proper response to this tragedy, placing themselves at odds with the overwhelming majority of the American people, and even their own members. " is really not the case.

    And vilifying the NRA for Newtown is the worst kind of pandering.

    NASCAR knows their demographic, as does the NRA. It's a match made in heaven.

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    Disgusting. That's all his (the congress critters) BS is worth saying about it.
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    Another example of a waste of oxygen in congress.
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