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Thread: Possession of guns outside Massachussetts by Mass residents?

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    Possession of guns outside Massachussetts by Mass residents?

    Here in CT, we're facing a very plausible threat of the implementation of a "universal" firearms registration system with a proposed law that would require CT residents to register any guns they "own or possess". We're all hoping it doesn't go through, but I'm already losing sleep at night about this. However, I have a ray of hope--maybe I can move most of my collection outside the state, to somewhere the Constitution still applies like Texas or Wyoming.

    I understand that MA has a requirement that all guns purchased in the Commonwealth be registered. I'm wondering how it works there? Is it possible for a Massachussetts resident to visit a state where it's possible to buy a firearm as a non-resident, and leave the gun there? Or, when the system was being implemented, if there was a requirement to register all guns in the Commonwealth, was it possible to move your guns to another state? I'm trying to see if there's any precedent for being able to do this if the law passes here in CT, and I'm sure that the experience of our neighbor to the north would be instructive.

    On a lighter note, I hope things are getting better for you folks up there. It was pretty bad when I was there last, and I'm sure the recent tragedy down here hasn't helped! My apologies if stupid arguments are being imported northward!

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    You can store your guns where ever you like. I have several places out of state that I store my guns at. Should not have all guns in one location anyway but some folks can not do what I do for a variety of reasons.

    Just know that if registration passes you cannot legally (well, outside the scope of the illegal nature of the registration being proposed) bring the gun back into the state w/o registering it.

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    Guns legally purchased outside the state aren't required to be registered. But you have the option too. MA's system isn't "real" registration, It's more of a sales tracking system. For now at least. Never thought I'd see the day when MA was technically more gun friendly than CT. Although the permit system is flawed, I'd still rather be in MA than NY,NJ,MD and CA any day.

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