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Thread: Another round of gang assaults on 16th St. Mall, really?

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    Another round of gang assaults on 16th St. Mall, really?

    Now I know this comes as no big surprise to many of the members here, but a reminder is nevertheless appropriate.

    A vendor, whom I deal with on a weekly basis, came in to the store where I work late this morning with a black eye and stitches in the corner of that same eye. He was conversing with a coworker of mine when I looked over and saw his beat up face. I asked, "What happen, were you jumped?". He replied that he was, by a gang on 16th St. He proceeded to tell me how he was stabbed in the face and back with a screwdriver while on the mall street. A guy approached him asking if he would like to sell his headphones, at that point he was assaulted. I didn't get too many exact details from him about how it all happened, but he did mention that when filing a police report he was told that there have been some recent assaults down on the mall street and that it was likely some sort of gang initiation going on. I told him about my experience down on the mall street awhile ago and how he should consider carrying a gun for self defense. He said that he had never been too fond of guns, but that this experience was starting to make him think differently. We talked about the issuance of permits to carry a concealed gun for a couple minutes and about how lucky he is because it could have ended so much worse than it did.

    Please be safe when downtown in Denver. Be aware of what's going on around you and extremely cautious if someone randomly approaches you.
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    Another round of gang assaults on 16th St. Mall, really?

    i work nights very close to 16th st mall, some real damn shady people around there and my SA is always on high alert especially of anyone approaching me for any reason. no problems yet, but bad that my work wont let me carry

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