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Thread: Finally! Got asked to leave somewhere (Burlington Coat Factory)

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    Finally! Got asked to leave somewhere (Burlington Coat Factory)

    After all this time, it FINALLY happened......

    Steel Magnolia (and I) got asked to leave a place because of OC.

    Burlington Coat Factory on Alpine near I-96 just north of Grand Rapids.

    We had just been shopping at the Burlington in Kentwood, on 28th St. for dress shirts for me. No drama in Kentwood at all; we've been there numerous times without incident.

    We decided to go to the Alpine store to see if they had any more in my size. After shopping, and filling a basket with merchandise, we went to check out. We were next in line to check out, and a young gentleman approached and informed SM that firearms weren't allowed in the store. He was professional and discrete, and we simply said 'Okay' and left the cart and exited. He did follow us to the door, but it was to apologize, indicating he had no problem with it, but he was directed to speak to us. I thanked him for his professionalism and discretion.

    Neither location has any signs posted. We'll likely continue to shop Kentwood, but certainly not Alpine- perhaps the Alpine manager can afford to lose customers....

    Next steps considered- letter to Burlington corporate regarding their policies, noting how their competition follows state law instead of arbitrary and capricious. There is nothing on their web site about firearms either way.
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    Finally! Got asked to leave somewhere (Burlington Coat Factory)

    Wear it like a badge of honor.
    Call for a cop, call for an ambulance, and call for a pizza. See who shows up first.

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    I have been asked to remove my gun from 2 businesses this year. It is the first (and second) time this has happened me to since I started OC'ing in 2010. I obviously removed myself with the gun never to return.

    Both were pool halls with bars in them and the owners/managers were severely misinformed about the gun laws. The one in Warren was misinformed by the local LEO who told him that even he as an owner couldn't carry in his own business with a CPL.
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