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Thread: Any Farm Bureau members here?

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    Any Farm Bureau members here?

    I got my Virginia Farm Bureau magazine (March 2013) this week, and I saw a report about the National American Farm Bureau Federation Convention, just held in Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 13-16. I saw that the KEYNOTE speaker was Retired Astronaut Mark Kelly! Who is Mark Kelly? He happens to be the husband of Former US Representative Gabby Giffords, who is on a crusade to demolish our 2A and ban our gun property, travelling with her as her escort and husband! Now, why would a farm lobby group embrace and applaud the man who is making it possible for a brain-damaged liberal to employ emotions of sympathy to destroy our rights? I find this out-of-line with what I thought of my fellow agriculture associates, and I assume many of you will, too. If you are a FB member, be sure to question your state FB officials as to just what a hare-brained idea this was. They are using YOUR MONEY to undermine your rights. THAT is NOT OK with me.
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    So, did Kelly advocate for gun bans of any sort in his keynote speech? Did he say anything nasty about guns, gun owners, or even gun manufacturers? Even in highly vieled "code"-speak?

    He happens to also be a former astronaut and could have been talking about the former greatness of the country's space program, or the need/desire to move NASA back from the brink of being the official Muslim Religion of Peace cheerleader towards their original mission of showing those evil commies that we can do it better.

    I don't know - I wasn't there, have read nothing in the 2A press about his appearance, and actually have almost zero interest in looking it up in the innertubes.

    That he might use his "honorarium" to further his/Gabbie's agenda of gun banning is IMHO to push the Farm Bureau too far into the "protect gun rights at all costs in all activities" box. Unless he was being paid to talk up gun bans and other "reasonable" restrictions.

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    I have heard Kelly speak on gun bans. He is rabid.

    I wouldn't support any group that would have him speak, regardless of the subject.

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    Mr. Kelly is a hypocrite and to be shunned by liberty-centric citizens. He has found good company with the anti-liberty and anti-citizen liberals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eye95 View Post
    i have heard kelly speak on gun bans. He is rabid.

    I wouldn't support any group that would have him speak, regardless of the subject.
    ^^^^^^^ that
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