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Thread: question about oc on hunting lands

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    question about oc on hunting lands

    the questio pertains to hunting small game or big game with a hand gun.
    i see ther is some bill in progress to allow oc on state or federal game lands.
    this is very confusing to someone who may want to hunt with a hand gun.
    first , is it leagle to hunt small game with a hand gun? ie 22 revolver.
    second, big game with a larger hand gun?
    it doesnt make sense to have to conceal a handgun that you are hunting with.
    and what about a side arm to dispach game with?
    i'd rather be a hammer than a nail.

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    Carry on Gamelands. Be advise that Army Corps of Engineers land is usually posted against carry. It's Fed land. Check the list or check each gameland in the regulations book.

    Page 42 on the right side discusses handgun hunting under pistols.

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