Greetings all!

I'm a patriot looking for a better life outside of the Communist Republic of Minnesota. Just thought I would share my first experience open carrying my Glock 21 Gen4 with you. It was pretty nice having the security of a firearm at my side here in Manhattan, KS. Pretty much just went about my business downtown and didn't think anything of it. I only got a funny look once from an extremely attractive waitress who delivered me a true pulled pork sandwich...I think she might have been eyeing something else though. The sandwich was divine BTW.

Anyway, the wife and I are looking to cash out of MN and settle our family in freer environs. Manhattan is one of the towns on our relocation list. Minnesota has just flat out lost their minds when it comes to personal security and defense. The murder rate from the Somali imports and other America hating refugees keeps ticking up, especially in the west metro (which consists of mainly educated white folks), and the only solution the State Gov can come up with is to register or confiscate firearms. It's insane. So, we've decided to leave.

So there you have it. Open carry without any harassment (thus far) in Manhattan, KS. Beautiful weather too.