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Thread: sig p226 holster

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    sig p226 holster

    I have two holsters already but I was just wondering if there was a good holster company for carry that will also allow for an attached light. I know safariland offers a good level two and level three. I also know blackhawk offers a nice level two holster but from what I could see the holster is designed for their light rather then a streamlight which is what I have. While the safariland holster, the down side is it seems more of a duty holster or tactical holster rather then something for day to day carry

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    Galco Halo belt holster is a leather holster with a thumb break that should work for ya. It will hold closer to your body than the Safariland and doesn't have that "duty" look.

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    For urban open carry, Safariland all day every day.

    For rural OC or urban CC, take your pick.

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