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Thread: Colorado Sheriffs who support our Constitutional Rights threatened with loss of pay!!

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    Colorado Sheriffs who support our Constitutional Rights threatened with loss of pay!!

    Howdy Folks!
    This is the specific abuse of power we recognize as dictatorship. We have a state legislature that is trying to dictate to Colorado sheriffs that either they support the new and completely unconstititional gun grab bills, or risk losing pay!


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    If I'm not mistaken, Sheriffs are paid by the counties. The state doesn't dole out their money. And mebbe if they don't get paid, they'll spend a whole lotta energy towards putting our rights back in order.

    If I were a Sheriff, I'd say "F*** 'em".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alamo Jack View Post

    If I were a Sheriff, I'd say "F*** 'em".

    Even non-sheriffs should say the same

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    Article 14, Section 8. County officers election term salary. There shall be elected in each county, at the same time at which members of the general assembly are elected, commencing in the year nineteen hundred and fifty four, and every four years thereafter, one county clerk, who shall be ex officio recorder of deeds and clerk of the board of county commissioners; one sheriff; one coroner; one treasurer who shall be collector of taxes; one county superintendent of schools; one county surveyor; one county assessor; and one county attorney who may be elected or appointed, as shall be provided by law; and such officers shall be paid such salary or compensation, either from the fees, perquisites and emoluments of their respective offices, or from the general county fund, as may be provided by law. The term of office of all such officials shall be four years, and they shall take office on the second Tuesday in January next following their election, or at such other time as may be provided by law.

    As amended November 4, 1902; November 2, 1954. (See Laws 1901, p. 112; Laws 1955, p. 247.)
    Could not find any reference to the primacy of a sheriff in his county re LE functions. In some state constitutions the sheriff is the top cop.
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    Colorado Sheriffs who support our Constitutional Rights threatened with loss of

    It's another uneducated scare tactic by the Demrods to invoke a fear for duty. Sheriff Maketa and those in rural CO are doing it right. If only the sheriffs of Douglas, Arapahoe, Jeffco, and Adams would follow suit. Not sure if they have or not, but I haven't heard otherwise.

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