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Thread: Spring Question

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    Spring Question

    I have no knowledge of this, other than my opinion, so I'll ask here. My neighbor, came over and showed me his Wolff Spring's he got from Wolff. Apparently after a phone call, he found out that they were the wrong springs, and they don't make a magazine spring for the M&P model. Looking at them myself, the only real problem is, they are a little to long. Could the spring's be cut to the same length as the M&P he has, with out losing the strength of the spring? In theory, this would I guess solve the problem, but I suggested he just send it back. Heck if it can be done, I'd buy them off of him, cut and check for usage, and save them as back ups.

    Only knowledge I have on spring's, would be they normally only wear out from working. Also from mistreatment.
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    Spring Question

    I would be concerned as to whether or not the springs fit in the magazine correctly. Make sure they are not too loose that shift around or are not too tight that they don't move freely. Honestly I think he'd be better off sending them back and getting the correct spring.
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