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Thread: Oregon middle school cancels "Zombie Survival Skills" class

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    Oregon middle school cancels "Zombie Survival Skills" class

    By Amy Ratcliffe on March 22, 2013 (via -
    Armand Larive Middle School used to be really cool. They offered a zombie survival skills class as an extra-curricular activity. How awesome is that?! You can teach kids practical skills that could legitimately help them out in an outbreak or less dramatic emergency situation and make it fun by focusing on zombies. Genius!

    However, the superintendent for the school district got wind of the class via a newspaper article and canceled it. He said he “couldn’t believe that would actually be a class.” Parents were also concerned about the violent subject matter – even though the teaching mostly focused on survival skills not shooting zombies in the head. The class was replaced with an exploratory reading option. I hope the teacher at least works in a book about zombies.
    OregonLive LINK

    Hmmmm... Hands on survival skills and self-sufficiency skills for use during disasters (like hurricanes, earthquakes, acts of war) OR just learn to huddle in a classroom and await government assistance (FEMA's only 2 weeks away) while reading a book.
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