Well, DESPP wrote a letter that was introduced into evidence during a FOIC hearing that contained a reference to the Sandy Hook murders ... and given that I have 2 FOIC complaints about Newtown ... I then asked the FOIC to incorporate the Newtown complaints into the current case as the state was using the murders to support their claims,

Well the AG went nuts and called me a MONSTER....

Now now, the state has called me a "terrorist", a "danger to the state", and now a "monster". They need to make up their mind.

If they now want to sit and argue the Sandy Hook murders as offering evidence relevant to their cases then they can expect it to be fully examined.

I was before the FOIC to ask for records relating to the police arms and equipment that they allowed to be shown in a video & many official police commission meeting minutes ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UX4njed_FUY

DESPP commissioner ordered the town to produce the invoice of the purchase of the M16s and handguns....guess what? Never got them. Hence the FOIC case filing.

And I have told many people that I have no emotional attachment to the Sandy Hook murders .. I had nothing to do with it, did not know anyone remotely involved, that I have no emotional need to apologize for anything, have no emotional need to express sorrow, and now that state officials are using the murders to advance their own political agendas, feel that they are trying to violate my rights and using the Sandy Hook murders as a stomping post shows a lack of respect of my rights.