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Thread: Front Sight 2day hand gun

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    Front Sight 2day hand gun

    Did a Front Sight 2day defense handgun training this weekend. In two days received close to 20 hours of intense hands on training.

    My thoughts.

    I left the training knowing I can shoot safer, faster, and more accurate. Reload under stress faster; present the firearm considerably faster, safer with improved on target placement. We practiced clearing malfunctions drills and clearing under stress.

    Had an opportunity to shoot an Uzi and one other machine gun also had a chance to use one of the live-fire room simulators. After shooting the one bad guy with the hostage in the eye the instructor with humor said my laser may have give me an advantage.

    I have had some basic handgun training over the years however never any law enforcement or military training so I did not have to deal with any conflict of ingrained past training methods.

    I picked up a lifetime Diamond membership through a friend for cheap, that and only 30 minutes away I feel it is a no brainer for me. With a two-week notice, I can attend any handgun or long gun training for the cost of the ammo and a yearly background check. No target fees, they provide target hole covering tape, training, and water.

    After being a poster on Open Carry for a while, I am listing some issues that might be obstacles for some.

    When signing up for any training the student must pay for a $50 background check. The background check is good for a year. Everyone training is required to do the background check including active law enforcement. Being a legal gun owner for over 40 years and CCW holder for over 20 years this really did not make since to me. However wanted to give it a go and decided to pay the $50.

    Except for the instructors, firearms if on the person are to be carried in a holster empty and without a mag unless up to the shooting line.

    Students are asked not to load their firearms until they are off Front Sight property when leaving.

    The sole supplier of their ammo comes from Stockpile Defense out of Pahrump. Stockpile is committed to supply every student in need of ammo for training. The ammo shortage has made it very difficult for Stockpile to maintain the guesstimated demand of one and a half million rounds a month from suppliers and trying to keep their prices down. However, Front Sight will accept the use most factory FMJ ammo and with the ammo shortage, allowing the use of most factory reloads. One should verify as it may change.

    Students have to use electronic hearing protection. Many instructions are given at the firing line they want to be heard and do not want students removing and reinstalling hearing protection.

    No retention holsters that requires the push of a button each time the firearm is removed from the holster. If the holster has an over the top strap that stays out of the way when holstering no problem using them.

    Front Sight had over 7 hundred students this weekend. The government could learn a lot on how to organize if they could see how well Front Sight handled such a large crowd. It was very well structured. Everything flowed with little wait time. Each group had several trainers.

    A final thought.
    700 mostly civilians, men, woman, some very old, some very young teenagers, with ARs, Shotguns, Handguns, and machine guns, firing thousands of rounds. Majority carrying handguns and ammo that could be made ready to fire in a few seconds. No one was killed, no kids injured, no gunfights, no one was threatened; the range leads said leave you gear when going for lunch they never had a theft problem.

    So a yearly $50 background check fee will be my only out of pocket cost going to Front Sight. Just have to buy ammo. No targets cost for the year, all and any training no cost for life. Cheaper than most range fees which does not have instructors or targets.
    Hoping to do the 4 day in a month or two.
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