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Thread: Marked Guardian and SKS14 project getting some attention nationally from LE site

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    Marked Guardian and SKS14 project getting some attention nationally from LE site

    Video: A classic open-carry response
    Unfortunately for Shane, Blake, and Warren (no last names given), they ran into a cool, calm, and collected Officer named Jim (that’s what the J. stands for) Estes

    Three young men in Albany (Ore.) set out one afternoon in hopes of making ‘an educational, instructional video’ on the surefire hot-topic of open-carry citizens.

    This triumvirate of Constitutional scholars — Shane, Blake, and Warren (no last names given) — hoped to “test the police atmosphere around firearms for not only legal, but personal views.”

    Unfortunately for them, if they were hoping to come out on top and score a smug-citizen victory like so many of these guys are aiming for, they came across the wrong man in Officer Jim Estes.

    As usual the comments section shines a very bright light on LEOs "dark" view of citizens 2nd Amendment rights. Seriously read through the comments, disturbing is an understatement.

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    About halfway through, Officer Jim says it is only a request and they were free to leave if they so choose.

    Do that.

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    Typical officer BS....."I need to identify who I'm talking to"......."I need to find out if you're legal"......"that's why I asked if you want to compromise"......."my toys are better than yours anyway"

    My only problem with this type of interaction is that the citizens need to NOT engage in conversation. Instead they need to do the "am I being detained" and then walk away if the answer is no. If the answer is yes, then cease conversation except to actively deny that they have permission to conduct any searches or seizures of your person or property.

    The reason to assert the denial of permission to search/seize is necessary as you must assert those rights or the courts will interpret your silence as consent. Pretty messed up that they do that but they do.
    "The Second Amendment speaks nothing to an unfettered Right". (Post # 100)
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    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, nothing in any of my posts should be considered legal advice. If you need legal advice, consult a reputable attorney, not an internet forum.

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    cops are civilians. they are servants. we are better than them not the other way around.

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