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Thread: Loosely related questions

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    Loosely related questions

    I'm sorry about posting in the "stories" forum, I don't know where else to post it. I don't even know if it should be in this forum but, It was recommended to me that I should post here for my question.

    What is the age to carry a rifle, locked or in a case or whatever is needed, in a vehicle for hunting? I understand that I can hunt being under 18, but can I transport a firearm to state owned land for hunting?

    If this is the wrong place to ask, please tell me and I'll find somewhere else to post.

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    First off, welcome to the forum.

    Taking a poke here just because the status issue is in question here along with some MDC details. So let's see if I can get it right since it's been a while. You asked the question and that's more important than getting the location right. Besides, this is the Missouri section and you've asked a Missouri specific question.

    Peacable Journey law seems to apply. Scroll down to Section 3.

    Not seeing anything elsewhere in RSMO 571.

    MDC Code book is "permissive. You can technically hunt "un-aided" at 11 years old IF you've had your Hunter Ed course, and obviously have valid season's tags. Without HE, up to 15 or 16 in the supervision of a properly licensed adult.

    Any other Hunter Ed Instructors have anything? It's been a while since I've had a chance to teach a class and it's going to be a while before my lil' hunter is ready to roll-out.
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