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Thread: HB183 Passes both House & Senate

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    HB183 Passes both House & Senate

    These are my own words, I represent no entity(ies) nor person(s).

    Truman, an Idaho Open Carry member, first posted a mention of this law (Idaho Code 50-308) on the Idaho Open Carry facebook page last June, 2012.

    I researched this law some, then Tony Snesko joined in some research.

    With the awesome help of the gals at the Idaho Capitol's Legislative Research Library (1st floor), they helped us discover this law is, in fact, a 120 year-old law (see link below).
    Verbatim, the law reads "Cities shall have the power to ... regulate, prohibit, and punish for the carry of concealed weapons." Somehow, this law went "undiscovered" when Idaho passed a comprehensive Concealed Carry License Law in 1990, then updating it again in 2008.

    I then drafted legislation to repeal this law and presented it in quasi-formal method to my newly-elected Representative Holtzclaw, Senator Winder, and newly-elected (and former Representative, but now Senator) Hagedorn, where we met at Capri Coffee house on Ustick/Eagle in Meridian on Thursday, November 29, 2012, at 2:00pm.

    Over 30 emails transpired regarding this draft legislation between myself and the Legislators noted above. Mr. Gestrin, a Representative from the Midvale, Idaho, area was 100+ miles north; didn't even know he existed. I honored the public records law(s) which exempt all draft legislation records (emails, notes, calls, the bill itself, etc.) by not disclosing that material all this time.

    I do thank Senator Hagedorn for keeping his word to sponsor HB183 in the Senate.

    A strong group of 2013 Legislators chose to 'pistol-whip' me down for lawfully carrying and lawfully observing and reviewing public documents (a publicly-available phone list), all the while punishing the entirety of the 2A community and Idaho citizens by locking Chamber doors to the general public and locking their "above-the-constitution" CWP exemption status minds (I'm being generous here...) to that of effectual 2A legislation, that being Constitutional Carry.

    Just gotta wait for the Gov to sign the bill to *finally* repeal that 120 year-old law.

    Life is Precious.


    1893 General Laws of Idaho, page 116, Section 25th
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