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Thread: Sit down and watch the tube

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    Sit down and watch the tube

    I just finished having a good conversation with my ol man that I feel the need to share. Television commercials. Question: Why are T.V. commercials so down right degrading and condescending to the people they are trying to advertise too? Am I the only person that feels insulted at some of these commercials? Why is it always some stupid guy between the ages of 25-35 doing something stupid. If the message corporations are trying to send is this: You're an idiot. If you buy our product you're and idiot and your're and idiot if you think you can live without it. Why on earth should I buy that product.

    food for thought,


    Next time one finds themselves flipping through the tube, give them a good look and see what you think.
    T.V. brings on a whole new meaning to thinking inside the box.


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    Apparently you are not the lowest common denominator. Additionally, you seem to have an ability to analyze.

    Get treatment before someone recognizes this and forces you into a re-education camp.

    stay safe.
    "He'll regret it to his dying day....if ever he lives that long."----The Quiet Man

    Because stupidity isn't a race, and everybody can win.

    "No matter how much contempt you have for the media in all this, you don't have enough"

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    When something online is free, you're not the customer, you are the product.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malcolm View Post
    Next time one finds themselves flipping through the tube, give them a good look and see what you think.
    Possession/use of a "television" is good and sufficient evidence of more money than good sense, of a fool parted from his money. The internet offers vast resources (of video), available to be pulled on ones demand and not pushed by the advertisers.

    Jonathan Zittrain's The Future of the Internet - And How to Stop It is informative, and so his his meme "If it's free on-line, you're not the customer, you are the product."

    The book cautions against the tethered appliances so popular here - SENT FROM MY RAZOR BY TAPATALK - as the demise of the generative web.

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    I never watch commercials except for sports .. 85% of them have some sports figure selling body products ... 15% of the others have girls selling some types of products but I can't remember the products...

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