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Thread: Took them 4 mo to figure walmart-deer hunter might have broken the law

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    Took them 4 mo to figure walmart-deer hunter might have broken the law

    Bianco faces a misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment, as well as several hunting violations, including hunting without a license, shooting on or across highways and unlawful killing or taking of big game. The charges come after a four-month investigation.

    Welcome to Walmart ! But he got 'em it appears !

    Why did it take 4 mos to decide to charge the guy? He could have killed many more deer ..

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    Well, the opposite of that would to have immediately charged him, booked him, had his picture published in the local paper along with a blotter report for everyone to see and then possibly dropping the charges at a later time if no probable cause should be found.

    Or, they could have done it the way they did, investigate it, determine if there was probable cause and then make the charges. He was identified and they knew where he lived; it's not like he's going to flee the country, is it?
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    It seems, based on the new reports, that the cops wanted to punt this nitwit over the fence to the game warden because those charges carry stiffer penalties. It also seems that criminal violations were limited. Being that the citizen was chasing a deer through a Walmart parking lot and shooting at him with his pistol does not apparently rise to the same level as taking a deer without a license. If the dude had a valid hunting license and he was "hunting" in season the game warden ain't, apparently, got jack to say about it.

    This case is more about bureaucratic red tape than hunting violations within the city limits.
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