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Thread: Chrome Browser & the OCDO forum

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    Chrome Browser & the OCDO forum

    is anyone else having forum issues? The layout is all weird.

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    I started having problems overall with chrome a couple months back, I went back to firefox.
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    Re: Chrome Browser & the OCDO forum

    Delete any cache, or history you may have and try again after shutting down the browser.

    I run both Windows 7 and Linux. Both versions do great for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingWolf View Post
    I started having problems overall with chrome a couple months back, I went back to firefox.
    I had problems with firefox and the adobe flash add-on sucking up ram, ram, ram until pc just gave ram warnings ...

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    Only one I have issue with is IE in Win8. Hitting enter does not allow a line break.

    I rarely use windows though, usually FF on GNU/Linux.
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