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Thread: Questions about car carry, under 21 over 18

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    Questions about car carry, under 21 over 18

    Hey guys, I posted a thread a while back about my recent arrest. A lot of people were telling me not to post specifics after what happened, so I guess I won't. I just had some questions:

    1. Is it legal to conceal a handgun in my car? I'm 20, no criminal record.
    2. Legal to have a round chambered?

    For the record, I was arrested for failure to ID. Might as well throw that out before you get the wrong idea about my arrest.

    I had done some research before hand, I believe I am protected by the Castle Doctrine, as well as Federal and State gun laws. But can anyone confirm the 2nd question?


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    Texas has no minimum age for possessing a handgun. The Motorist Protection Act applies whenever you are in or en route to a motor vehicle that you own or control.

    So: yes, under 21 can lawfully possess a concealed handgun in a motor vehicle that they own or operate, so long as it is not in plain view, they are not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm, are not engaged in criminal activity other than a Class C traffic violation, and are not a member of a criminal gang. Texas law makes no mention of loaded or unloaded.

    There is a federal law restricting possession of handguns by anyone under 18, but that doesn't apply to your question.
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