Merchandise Store Now Open

Support the cause while getting cool stuff

Connecticut, March 30^th, 2013:

The Connecticut Carry Store is now open on our website. Currently, we have our signature logo T-Shirts available for purchase so you can show your support for our rights while supporting the cause financially as well.

As an introductory offer, through the month of April, we are offering free shipping to all of our members on our T-Shirts.

Our sales revenue is going to be critical to keeping Connecticut Carry running smoothly for the long term since we have big plans and big plans cost money.

Please note that like our other services, we use Paypal for payment processing. You do not need a Paypal account to pay, however. You may use a credit card instead of the Paypal option during checkout.

You can access the store here:

Connecticut Carry is dedicated to advancing and protecting the fundamental civil rights of the men and women of Connecticut to keep and bear arms for defense of themselves and the state as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Connecticut.

Richard Burgess
Connecticut Carry, Inc
Ph: 203-208-9577