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Thread: Racine County Sheriff Deserves an ATTA BOY

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    Racine County Sheriff Deserves an ATTA BOY

    What is your opinion about universal background checks, where checks would occur for private individuals selling guns and guns sold at gun shows?

    I am opposed to any regulation that would require a farmer in Waterford, for example, to somehow conduct and/or pay for a background check on the neighboring farmer to whom he wanted to sell a firearm. I am equally opposed to an uncle being required to conduct and/or pay for a background check in order to sell his nephew a deer rifle at deer camp in the North Woods.

    Rather than trying to strip away our constitutional rights, I believe lawmakers need to define private sales and retail sales. More regulation will increase straw purchases. If a criminal is bent on doing evil, he or she will simply find a weapon on the street or solicit a third party to make the weapon purchase.

    Excerpt ... Read more at the link above.
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    Only two Wisconsin sheriffs listed at Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers David Clarke of Milwaukee County and Dale Schmidt of Washington County.

    One aw-shite wipes out a thousand atta-boys.

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