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Thread: More disturbing info

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    More disturbing info

    This document was sent to me by an acquaintance that was a little disturbed by it. I have some questions on it too. Why now? What are they planning for? Why do they need a contract? City of LA wants you to contractually agree to do whatever they say once a declaration is made. Hmm sound a little fishy???

    You can view or DL it here

    Kinda self explanatory, but basically DHS can\will seize anything the agent deems appropriate.

    Click Here for New to WI Open Carry Legal References and Informational Videos--- FAQ's

    The Armed Badger A WI site dedicated to Concealed Carry in WI

    "To disarm the people... was the best and most effectual way to enslave them." -- George Mason, Speech of June 14, 1788 to DL useful Info

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    You're in the Army now, ya gotta eat their chow .....


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