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Thread: Burglars targeting homes with vehicles displaying "gun stickers"

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    Burglars targeting homes with vehicles displaying "gun stickers"

    Norfolk police are warning gun owners that they may want to remove "gun stickers" from their vehicles.

    Good reason why I don't put a buncha stickers on my cars..

    Of course, the opposite is true as well. If there are cars in the driveway with gun srickers, it's safe to assume that the owner just might be carrying a little surprise. Well, not much of a surprise..
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    In my experience, you're much more likely to have your gun unlawfully taken by cops than by "burglars". But the same principle applies. I've got a couple of "stickers", myself, but I'm a believer in promoting personal defense awareness. And I don't leave guns in the car.
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    I put 20 stickers on my car and wait at night with my night-vision scope .... no one came. I am disappointed.

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