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Thread: looking for SW Kansas City, KS area barbershop quartet

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    looking for SW Kansas City, KS area barbershop quartet

    This is an odd request...
    Do any of you know someone in the Kansas City area (preferably the SW KC, KS area) who is involved in barbershop quartet type singing?
    I'm trying to arrange a surprise.
    I thought I had a group lined up, but they backed out, not available the date I need.
    I just want a quartet to do 3 or 4 songs at someone's house.
    I'm expecting to pay, amount to be arranged.
    And yes, I know "barbershop quartet" is usually applied to male groups, but I'm open to hiring a male or female group.

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    Look up this organization,, S.P.F.S.Q.S.A. its the big one for barbershop singing... good luck.


    The female equiviliant is the Sweet Adalines, the have an org. too.
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