Well, I talked about the 5.11 Chest rig and I said I would talk about this one too.

Blackhawk Universal Spec Ops Chest holster http://www.blackhawk.com/product/Uni...er,1429,34.htm

Purchased on Amazon for $35 dollars.

I set out on a goal to find a comfortable holster that could be worn on the chest while I run/jog. There are several holster available including belly bands and fanny packs but I really wanted something mounted on the chest. This holster came into my crosshairs during my search.

First thing I noticed when I opened the package was the lack of packaging. I felt as though I bought it on Ebay and not Amazon, which could have been due to who I bought it from but either way there was no instructions or warranty card.

The second thing I noticed is that it looked like one of the cheap airsoft holsters I used to have back in the day. Now, don't get me wrong, it is much higher quality Nylon but it still seems a little cheap. It did fit well upon first trying it on, it was comfortable and it wore in the right place but still needed some adjusting to get it to be more snug. The webbing was high quality and I did think that the HK clip was good. There is a padded shoulder strap where it crosses the shoulder and the back.

It does seem pretty universal, there are six D-rings that on the corners and sides for different mounting options, although only one quick release buckle. There are three places that it can be tightened up or loosened on the shoulder and around the chest. This holster should fit anyone regardless of size considering the amount of webbing that is provided on the straps.

The holster fits many different pistols from semi-automatics to large revolvers. I did notice that the adjustable side-release buckle was fairly short which might prevent a larger sized revolver. That being said, the quick-release buckle was strong and didn't feel flimsy which is a plus if you plan on using this to hike, run, or work in the outdoors. It was not particularly a fast draw, although the retention was strong. Even without it being buckled it probably wouldn't fall out without a good tug. The magazine pouch fit my Sig mag snug and velcro held it in place without much possibility of it falling out.

Method of Use (stealing one from NutFancy's book): In my opinion, this holster is good for the outdoors man, whether you are hiking or fly-fishing. I do not think this holster would be particularly great for running, although if I didn't buy the 5.11 chest rig I would have made it work. I figure this is probably good if you are on a search and rescue team and have a pack on your back and need to carry. This holster keeps the gun secure and within reach. I would probably choose this over a drop-down leg holster for any physically extensive work because of it being more comfortable in the long hall.

Conclusion: The only thing I could see this holster being good for is light outdoor activities where a belt holster is not an option. I really don't think it is as great as I first expected but I can see the good aspects that it brings to the table.

Also, if you decide to buy one and you buy from Amazon (because they have the best price) do not buy from Henry1007. The seller was unprofessional, rude and may not even uphold Amazon's guarantee by letting me return it.