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Thread: Canadian Ammo???

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    Canadian Ammo???

    I have read on other sites that ammo and reloading components are still available in Canada.
    Is this true and can you cross over and bring it back?


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    I would suspect that you need Canadian licensing to have access to ammunition components - which requires training north of the border. As far as the reloading hardware is concerned, I don't know.

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    Scratch everything I just said. You DO need a P.A.L to buy ammunition in Canada.

    Not sure about components/reloading equipment.

    You should call a Canadian chain that sells them, and ask them about P.A.L requirements, and then call C.B.P. Even though they're LE, they will give you an honest answer and not lie to you about crossing the border with it.
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    You can forget about components as well. The ATF has shut that down recently. We bought 40K bullets from Aim Projectiles in February with no problems. We tried to place another order in late March, but the ATF had shut them down. It now requires a "Form 6" approval to import any reloading components.

    Before you flame...........these were group buys and we were using the ammo, not reselling for profit.

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