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Thread: PoliceOne survey: CCW, OC, gun buy-backs and more!

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    PoliceOne survey: CCW, OC, gun buy-backs and more!

    PoliceOne survey shows broad support for CCW, thumbs down on ‘buy backs’

    There were a couple of questions about OC in here too! Very interesting reactions.

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    There was one other interesting revelation. Only 34.2 percent of the respondents said there is an active Open Carry movement in their jurisdictions, while 71.9 percent either support the concept and practice, or support the concept but believe the practice is “misguided.” Whether this causes any Open Carry activists to change their style or manner of carry would be conjecture at this point.
    We need to step it up. I'd be curious to see localized stats for WA.

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    OC seems to be normal in my neighborhood. I think LEOs in general, support it but don't want to be "outed".

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