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Thread: Navy Seal and NRA video

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    Navy Seal and NRA video

    Good video response to all the anti gun people from an ex navy seal. They need to put this on tv in response the that stupid background check ad running.
    Kentucky Open Carry Group

    We all speak of liberty and freedom like we are the only ones that know the truth and the right path. But if we expect everyone to accept and follow our path and to accept our truth and want to force it upon them then that is no longer liberty or freedom. It is slavery. I believe in liberty for all. Regardless of their political views, religion, race, sex, etc.

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    These are COMMON SENSE responses to the "Gun Control" argument...

    Unfortunately, in the words of Will Rogers, "Common sense ain't all that common." It appears that damn few of our elected representatives in D.C. possess even a dram of it. They don't even understand that laws only impact the law abiding among us! Crimes are committed by criminals, and criminals are people who intentionally break the law - it's their trademark. It's what they do! Criminals don't go to their local gunshops (at least during business hours) to acquire weapons - they either steal them or acquire them off the street in black market transactions with other criminals. They have their own supply lines!

    But, criminals aren't invading schools or killing co-workers or people they don't know - the mentally ill are. Part of the problem is that the vast majority of them haven't been adjudicated as such, the other part of that problem is that it's almost impossible to identify them for adjudication without violating their civil and/or Constitutional rights. We probably have more people who are mentally ill than we have in our entire prison system. We have all seen them... they walk around talking to themselves, to the voices in their head, and to God. Many - if not most - of them are potentially "a danger to themselves or others", all they need is the appropriate "trigger" to set them off. Yet our various social service agencies generally do nothing to get them the help they need. But, if they haven't been convicted of a crime of violence, a felony, served with a TRO or adjudicated mentally ill, they can legally buy and possess firearms.

    There must be a "cure" for this problem, but restricting firearms to the general public is not the answer. The United Kingdom did so, and their firearms assaults are down significantly... only to be replaced by an average of 347 knife assaults per day. Just my 2 worth. Pax...
    Glocks ROCK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidmcbeth View Post
    This is your brain on drugs:


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    Quote Originally Posted by marshaul View Post

    Is it wrong that I am sort of leaning towards not yelling at her to get her booger hook off the bang switch and to point that $%^$@ in a safe direction?

    Bad safety can lead to NDs. NDs can lead to people getting killed. Given the people that might get killed, would that be such a bad thing?

    OK, you all know I was just dreaming there. Even bad people handling firearms badly for bad reasons need to be chastized and made to immediately cease their bad firearm handling. Even if the one life it might save is one of "them".

    stay safe.
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