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Thread: old primers

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    old primers

    I have some old primes that I found in storage maybe 15yrs.

    Should I load 10 or 20 and test fire them or just trash them?

    If it wasn't so hard to find them now, I wouldn't be asking.

    They are still in the factory box.


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    I personally wouldn't worry about 15 year old components or ammunition either one, provided that it has been kept dry and free of oil.

    If nothing else, load them up for range ammo but I suspect that you won't have any issues.

    I've been trying to buy up components lately

    I've been working out of a stash of WWII era and Korean war era M2 ball lately, and have about 1 out 20 failures to fire. With the recent ammo shortage, I've burnt up a lot of ammo from the '80s and '90s, and haven't had a single FTF in those.

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    Load 20 or so and see how they do. If they don't work then just pull the bullet and start over. You didn't really lose anything.
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