Gonna be down in the Gorge area, doing some hiking, sight seeing, OC'ing, and just generally enjoying the forecasted AWESOME weather~ Anyone in the area wanna meet up for lunch or something? I'll pay if you don't mind Miguels pizza!

Hit me up with a PM and I'll shoot ya my number to meet up with or something, leaving here about 9am or so, should be plenty of time to respond!

Sidenote... Who's up for a lil OpenCarry Hike, or walk, or lunch on the grille, or lunch at Miguels, or fishing, or camping excursion down in the Gorge sometime this year? If anyone would like any of those, and would want to do it, I'll lay down cash to sponsor and supply it as best I can! and if its a camping excursion, then bring your tent, I've got a LOT of cooking and camping supplies, and would even buy your parking pass for the "primitive" camping.

I would love to see a OC camp-out, I know a couple other states on this forum does the same thing...