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Thread: Michigan Open Carry Seminar in Owosso - May 5th, 2013

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    Michigan Open Carry Seminar in Owosso - May 5th, 2013

    Never open carried before? Curious about it?

    Join us for an Open Carry seminar at the VFW in Owosso! Lawful Open Carry of a Holstered handgun welcome (but not required). The VFW has given us written permission (for non-CPL Holders under MCL 750.234d).

    These seminars, presented by Michigan Open Carry, are an excellent opportunity to learn about the laws and myths that surround the Open Carry of a handgun in Michigan.

    Bring a friend and find out more about Open Carry in Michigan and Michigan Open Carry, Inc.

    Please invite a guest to register/reserve seats as well.

    Where: VFW Post 9455
    519 S. Chipman St
    Owosso, MI 48867
    When: May 5, 2013 @ 4:00 PM

    Presenters: Phillip Hofmeister (President of Michigan Open Carry)

    Brian Jeffs (Director of Research of Michigan Open Carry)

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