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Thread: Our kind of folks - discount for carrying

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    Our kind of folks - discount for carrying

    --Cafe offers discount for customers carrying guns--
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    Very cool. Wish we had places like that here in MO.
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    Cool, hopefully this could become more common.

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    Since vBulletin removed the topic from the link when it was shortened, I added the info & amended the title - otherwise it was a blind link and looked like spam Please always give a short descriptive explanation or FUQ.

    You can create havens like this if you build good relationships and ask often enough. There are numbers of such establishments in Virginia.

    This one made national news - his business has sky rocketed.

    This has proved so popular that VCDL has maintained a list of businesses that offer a discount to either members or simply those that carry - the firms include hard line items to services, tires to HVAC maintenance.
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