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Thread: Point of Impact Video using .45 ACP

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    Point of Impact Video using .45 ACP

    I found this video doing some research, from asking a few month's ago bout shooting low and left. I've listen to a lot of people say that the grain of a bullet, could effect point of impact. While I agree with this from long distance, I wouldn't think this would be the case from self defense distance. Those interested, it's a 3 min. video on .45 ACP and the variety of grain's for the caliber of topic.

    There was no FUQ, so I put a description of the video here. I'm sure, most already know this already. There are a lot of new firearm owners coming around lately, and thought it was something people could learn from.

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    BTT to keep it where newbies can find it easily.

    Yes, bullet weight changes POI. But as you noted, that change needs some distance to become meaningfully different between identical powder/primer loads. In the video the difference was not just between bullet weights biu alsop between powder loads.

    Step back to 25 yards and you will begin to see the differences. Or go to any decent handloading manual and look at the charts.

    stay safe.
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    I would further research .. perhaps Joe Biden would give his time for such a similar study ... and since a study would need multiple subjects I could think of several who may be willing to additionally offer their services to such a noble cause.

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    I wouldn't expect to see much differants at what 5 yards if that.

    For those who haven't done such testing themselves a good short clip'

    Bench them at 25 or farther and theres a good chance that one well see differant groups.
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    He says this as if that is only the case with .45ACP and no other caliber on the market.... Sort of disingenuous isn't it?

    The variety of weights and speeds is present in almost every caliber made. Even the .22LR. But unless I was mistaken I don't see him out there extolling the virtues of the 20gr Super colibri vs the 60gr subsonic vs the 40gr hyper velocity etc, etc...

    I like these guys and their point about point of impact at close distance is valid. Just think it's a little ridiculous to imply that you only get choices with the .45.

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