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Thread: OC Non-confrontation in Louisville

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    OC Non-confrontation in Louisville

    I had the opportunity to OC around town today. The only difference between this day and the past 3 weeks was that my fiance was out and about with me.

    As a preface to my story,she doesn't mind that I have the gun, and understands why I do, but she is really uncomfortable when I OC with her around. Its taken her a while to not call me ridiculous when I leave it on in the house. She questions why I have to carry it everywhere, why couldn't I just leave it by my bed. Well, shes finally moved on with that, but we decided to go shopping tonight. So now she gets irritated when I go out in public with her, while OCing. She says it makes her uncomfortable and she is sure it makes everyone else uncomfortable. Ive spent time and had several discussions with her on why I carry, why I OC vs CC, etc.

    So we went to Whole Foods. She asked me to leave the gun in my car and I politely declined. She huffed a bit, but she still came in with me. We bought some fish, salad items, and some guacamole. Checked out, paid the insane prices and left. No issues. Came home ate the food, and asked if she saw any scared people running away yelling about a guy with a gun. She just rolled her eyes.

    Then I talked her into a movie. I haven't seen Silver Linings Playbook yet and the Village 8 has it on screen. So we went, again she asked me to leave the gun in the car. Again I declined, and she sat in the car for a few minutes thinking it over. Once she realized I wasnt fooling, she got in line for tickets with me. This is where it gets really non-confrontational! There was a Louisville Metro Officer standing by the ticket booth watching people. We got our tickets and walked right inside, without issue. Got in line for a drink and she noticed some people looking over at us and whispering!! She said she was going to sit down because she didn't like it. And then look who comes strolling in, the Metro Officer. She comes in and stands right next the the counter I'm in line for.

    Now I actually get slightly nervous at this. I have yet to OC around LEOs and I have heard so many bad stories and encounters that I was fearing the worst. But alas, I got my drink, paid, and moved into the theater. I KNOW the Officer saw my gun because she watched me walk into the theater. But thats all she did.

    The movie was decent, and the only verbalization I heard all night was when I stood up to leave. The couple 2-3 rows back saw me walking up the aisle and the husband commented to his wife that they "Had a movie security guy here" obviously a little sarcastic. I chose not to acknowledge and kept on moving.

    Why the long winded post? Not really sure, just wanted to share my uneventful night and first "encounter" with a LEO.

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    Awesome report!

    I know the feeling of the loved one going out with you and asking to leave it in the car. Since I have been open carrying mine is the same way. Even snares in jokes about "Geez you love it more then me if you wont leave it in the car ill stay here instead" To my reply suit yourself and of course everytime she follows behind lol.

    As for the first LEO encounter thats great. I have yet to run into one ( thankfully? maybe?!) very happy to hear the one you ran into was aware of the law and acted accordingly!

    Thanks for the update and knowledge now Ville 8 and whole foods in the ville is OC friendly!

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    I completely understand how it is to be second guessed by someone on OC.

    It will get better with time. The negative remarks will eventually leave as she learns to accept your decision.

    Think of it this way, she may not approve now, but if you need your firearm she'll be ever grateful that you had it.

    Maybe meeting with a fellow OCer would help to show you're not the only person carrying in such a manner. I could come out in fool riot gear. In comparison your pistol would look completely normal.

    Does anyone have a some riot gear? I gotta take one for the team.
    No man alive can beat me in a fair fight: It's not fair to chase a man down and beat him.

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    My suggestion is this: carry how you wish, but for the sake of your relationship, be sensitive to your fiance's concerns. Whatever you do, don't say "See, I told you so" when no one runs away screaming from the sight of your gun.

    Part of OCing is education, and part of it is also being a good ambassador - fiance's included.

    The above are just suggestions - I'm not suggesting you're deficient in your approach.

    Good luck!

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