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Thread: Richmond Times Dispatch and the NRA 500 ????

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    Richmond Times Dispatch and the NRA 500 ????

    First I log on to Yahoo this morning and theres an article about how Fox broadcasted the NRA 500 last night but never called in the NRA 500.
    Now I'm looking at the SPORTS front page Sunday Richmond Times newspaper and I see they have ...AAA 500 - Busch bolts to win at Texas. AAA???? This was the NRA 500. So I know he won all the races there at Texas this weekend so I'm thinking they are talking about the Nationwide race. I go to to see what the Nationwide race was called, it was the O'Reilly Auto Part 300.

    So has the RDT caved in as well? Cant even call a race by its true name?

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    Two things on this.

    1) Fox rarely mentions the race sponsor UNLESS the race sponsor also pays them. The race sponsor generally only has a deal with the track/promoter. Fox has done this for about a decade at least.

    EDITED TO ADD - In fact sometimes they take money from a DIFFERENT sponsor and call the race by THAT sponsor's name on the air. That is pretty egregious, but it has been done in the past.

    2) the November race at Texas is generally the AAA 500, so it _could_ have just been a mistake. I am not sure I would lay odds on it being an oversight... but if they were going to omit the NRA they would probably just call it the Texas 500. So maybe a mistake.
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    I watched a bit of the race last night, and the FOX broadcasters (at least Mike Joy) did in fact properly identify the race as the NRA 500 on multiple occasions.
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