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Thread: It's all in the words

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    It's all in the words

    A published report in the Hartford Courant has the following story headline:

    "Suffield Woman Assaulted By Armed Intruder"

    nd then goes on to report in part:

    Suffield Woman Assaulted By Armed Intruder

    The Hartford Courant
    3:20 PM EDT, April 13, 2013

    A woman was sexually assaulted by an armed intruder Saturday just after midnight in a home on Thrall Avenue, police said.
    The woman called police at about 12:09 a.m. to report that an unknown man with a handgun had assaulted her. Responding officers looking through a window saw the woman lying on the floor and forced their way inside, police said.

    This would have been far more accurate!!!

    UNARMED DEFENSELESS Suffield Woman Assaulted By Armed Intruder

    The Hartford Courant is definately showing their political opinion regarding Second Amendment Rights in the way they report the news.
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    Yes, and I also take exception to the frequent, almost obligatory comment whenever there's a story about an armed citizen: "police say the firearm was purchased legally."

    What other legal (let alone constitutionally protected) property gets the bigotted default that the owner is probably criminal? And it is so common a bias that even gun owners pass over it acceptingly without challenge.

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    I take it that the facts listed are not an issue for the OP, just the way they are presented....

    perhaps the author should have examined the political affiliation of the victim and said (assuming a democrat):

    "Democrat who does not support gun ownership sexually assaulted in her home because she was unable to defend herself"


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