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Thread: Open carry ligislation in Louisiana?

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    Open carry ligislation in Louisiana?

    In light of Mississippi's new law finally clearing up any grey areas of open carry in that state, has anyone heard of any of your state legislaters proposing anything along the same lines? I have a CHP, but would like to see Louisiana make a law finally spelling it out and making it legal for open carry. It seems so often that neighboring states mimac one another's legislation and wouldn't be surprised if so.


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    Re: Open carry ligislation in Louisiana?

    We don't need no stink'n law to say it's okay to exercise a constitutional right. Laws tell you what you cannot do, not what you can do.

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    Man where have you been, you just got out from under your rock? You havenít heard of Section 1 article 11 of the Louisiana State Constitution? Or you havenít heard of La open Carry Awareness League (LOCAL)? We have had legal open carry in La since 74. Why donít you check us out.
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    str8razor, the Mississippi legislation addresses a "gray area" that simply doesn't exist in Louisiana law.

    In a nutshell, Mississippi law regarding concealed carry had the phrase "concealed in whole or in part" (emphasis mine) in several sections. Nobody had clearly defined what "concealed... in part" meant, and so there was confusion from the AG's office, LEOs, carriers, etc. The bill you're referring to removes the "in part" from the mentions of concealment, and adds a sentence or two clarifying what constitutes "concealed" including a mention that a holster itself is not concealment.

    Louisiana law does not have this "in part" nonsense, so no fix is needed. As the other two members already pointed out, the Louisiana state constitution protects carry. No further legislation is needed.
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