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Thread: New Member - and a few OC reports

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    New Member - and a few OC reports

    Good evening! I'm a new member here on OpenCarry and today I OC'ed for the very first time. My wife is very supportive and is going for her CCDW soon (I have my class on the 21st). She just told me not to get myself locked up, she'd miss me for coffee tonight

    So, first stop was the new Cabela's to buy a holster for my wife's .38. I knew it would be pretty easy to OC there, so it seemed like a natural place to start. Lots of people, half a dozen LEOs and zero issues. Next stop was Target over on Westport road. OC'ed through the store and seen by several associates and lots of customers with no issues or comments except a compliment on my Under Armor golf shirt.

    The last stop for the night was Starbucks in Holiday Manor. No issues from anyone, but I am very well known by all of the staff there since it is my neighborhood Starbucks and we are constantly there. I'm honestly not sure if anyone noticed!


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    Congrats! As someone who has recently started to OC in Louisville, I am glad to hear that there will be even more. If you look at the OC events post a few down, there are a few people going to meet-up and go to the zoo. I am trying to figure out my schedule and attend, you should if you can, would be good to meet like minded folk I would think.
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